Drift UAE 8th Round, Part 2

It was an action packed night but with limited camera equipment I couldn’t capture that perfect moment on the dark club circuit that night. In all cases the guys did impress us with their drifting skills and we wish them a great journey with their drifting career. Drifting is truly the motorsport of our generation and we expect it grow bigger and better in the future. Now that summer is here outdoor activities are going significantly down; we are left with evening events. Finally, special thanks to Yohaan for sharing some of his shots from that evening.

2 thoughts on “Drift UAE 8th Round, Part 2

  1. I really wish evey GCC gov take a real step and offer young people some great tracks (and I mean for all kinds of motor sports, track days, drifting, drah, autoxing, ect) and from our side we just guide them to drive fast on closed/safe roads.
    Well I’m writing this cuz few hours ago, on the way to my work I saw this accedint where 4 people died because of street racing?
    Yah we all love to drive (and we drive fast) but that not making the public road owner ship for yourself only?
    I love what UAE is doing, they provide good places for our loved sport. Hopfully other gcc gov’s follow up with this

    • Well Said & I am sorry to hear of the terrible incident you witnessed on the road..

      I would say that the road is being paved for such actions from now.. It just needs more persistence from the enthusiasts along with some serious & mature support by motorsport authorities locally.

      Motorsports in the UAE was on the edge of dying and now they are doing what it takes to keep it alive.

      There is a dire need for more serious promotion, management & sponsorship to get the ball rolling even faster.

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