GRMN SPORTS FR Concept by Gazoo Racing

This is another state of the art creation by Gazoo Racing to squeeze more HPs out of that Direct Injection Boxer via twin charging (aka a turbo-charger & a super-charger working together to counter each other’s weak points); getting the car to produce 320 Hp and 421 Nm of torque. News about this one is getting scooped directly from Japanese sources and test runs are being done at the Nurburgring.

Twin Charging is a complex and expensive application; it was used commercially for limited periods of time, to certain limited models. Its history dates back to group B rally cars. Although it is considered to be the future of engines due to the fact that twin-charging equals the power output of large engines with compact car fuel economy and no boost lag; it is still quite early to tell whether we will see this used on a main-stream basis.

The twin-charging setup done on the 86 is one of a kind as it is the first to be based on a direct injection boxer engine. This is a necessary experiment regardless as  the aftermarket business does want to exploit every single portion of this car especially when it comes to the drive-train. This is still a prototype but we might not know how it can pave the way to the future. This potentially paves the way into the future of tuning as engines get more complex yet more efficient. So yes, it seems like we’re slowly venturing in a new era of performance and the next generation might do things in a whole different fashion. Below are pictures of the engine bay; it is terrifyingly cramped far worse than in stock state.

Seeing that direct injection is becoming mainstream along with a returned interest in twin-charging, earlier 2011 by VW, could mean we could witness future innovations in engine technology on our roads after a long 2 decade wait.

More photos of the project are available here. Also this is a translation from; it is far more than just engine mods but they were the highlight of this development:

“Toyota Motor Corporation,
GRMN concept car exhibited at the Nurburgring
– Circuit announced a sports model “SPORTS FR Concept” 


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC), until (Sunday), Nurburgring 40th Nürburgring 24 to be held in (State of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) 20 days from Thursday 17 May to exhibit the concept car “SPORTS FR Concept” of: “((Gee Em are NTT) GRMN abbreviation) GAZOO Racing * tuned by MN”, in the hour endurance race.

Concept car this will feature a twin charger combination of supercharger and turbo, in addition to the performance excellent acceleration in the speed range a wide range of high rotation from low rpm, the suspension tuning only, control of high-level Say achieve running stability. Units have an excellent driving performance by these, it is possible to fully experience the joy of sports driving. In addition, the styling, rear fender and front bumper due to dedicated to emphasize a quality of FR, that is suitable for circuit design and sports model.

Toyota, in an effort GAZOO Racing, for exceeding the expectations of our customers to “making good car”, which continues to challenge the Nurburgring endurance race in the car, such as 86 and FR LEXUS LFA. This vehicle also, as a study model was developed to verify the expectations for the FR coupe car fan positioned as part of the “making good car”, all over the world.

In addition, the site of GAZOO Racing In (URL, to relay live video interview of team sprinkled with information delivery and the traveling position by the GPS system, the pattern of the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race In addition, it is also planned to introduce in the field pattern of exhibition vehicle.


Main Specifications:
Height / Width / Length (mm) 4,350 / 1,855 / 1,250
Wheelbase (mm) 2,570
Vehicle weight (kg) 1,280
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 95
[Previous] tread (mm) 1,590
[After] tread (mm) 1,610
245/40R18 tire size [before]
265/35R18 tire size [after]
Exhaust volume (cc) 1,998
6-speed manual transmission
Highest output value [target] (kW [ps]) 235 [320]
Maximum torque target value [] (N · m [kgf · m]) 421 [43.0]


GRMN twin charger only functional parts (turbocharger + supercharger):
GRMN only suspension tuning
Brake calipers and brake rotors only GRMN
Dual exhaust only GRMN
Alloy Wheels & Tires size before and after different
Exterior front / rear fender
Racing rear spoiler
Rear garnish GR logo to enter
Bucket seat interior only
4-point seat belt
Roll cage
Additional meter (boost gauge, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge)
Back skin tone interior


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