Cusco USA Latest Catalog for the 86, FRS & BRZ

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_1.jpg

Cusco USA recently released their latest updated parts catalog, with prices, for the 86, FRS & BRZ. The parts list include a variety of chassis/handling improvement modifications (that we saw in an earlier release), safety equipment and various subtle engine modifications that can convert the car to a proper track worthy machine. Nothing have been offered for the engine itself yet. The pdf version can be downloaded here.

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_2.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_3.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_4.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_5.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_6.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_7.jpg

Toyota Subaru 86 BRZ Letter_ページ_8.jpg


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