Toyota 2000 GT SEV

This the latest in retro-fitting classics; ‘Green’ retro-fitting if you like to call it. The car was featured earlier this year at the Tokyo Auto Salon but it seems it didnt get much attention.

Though there are only hundreds of 2000 GTs ever produced; this one has been fitted with a silent electric motor running on lithium ion batteries. Along with some interesting features such as solar panels on the hood and other cool stuff in the interior. This is shocking, as much as its bold, especially that the car is some 1/2 a century old and barely crossed 350 units in production.

It is a beautiful well balanced blend between the past & present and a formidable piece of engineering.


According to

Fast forward 45 years and the Toyota 2000GT still looks cutting edge but though the sinuously curved body of the “reborn” 2000GT SEV concept remains familiar, the powertrain is anything but: an electric motor provided with juice from on-board lithium ion batteries and solar energy panels built into the hood. It’s estimated the engine can boost the two-passenger silent sportster to a top speed of 200km/h (124 mph).
The 2000GT SEV has received a modernizing makeover to its interior as well, with 7 additional dashboard gauges and an innovative rear-view mirror that can alternate between normal viewing or a camera-sourced digital image display. Alcanntara, an advanced bio-material, has been used to reflect a sense of luxury with lacquer-painted panels coated with silver and gold. 

Now here’s the lame part:

Since electric cars run virtually silently, the design team directed by the Toyota Automobile Association programmed the 2000GT SEV to emanate a range of “crazy” noises that include (besides the sound of a sports car engine) the roar of a rocket, the swoosh of a jet airplane, even the pounding hoofbeats of a galloping horse.



There is no talk about whether such retro-fits will be sold in the future but you never know where this will potentially go. In all cases this is the one and only 2000GT, a timeless sexy car, with a modern electric drive-train.



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