Subaru BRZ vs Ford Mustang V6 Track Pack

This is an important video to watch, for anybody wanting to make a comparison between  the BRZ/ 86 & any other sports cars that are similarly priced in the market. The video did generate lots of discussions and arguments, around the net so I had to share it.

Of course the Subaru BRZ and Ford Mustang V6 (fitted with the $2000 optional Track Pack) both appeal to different tastes and drivers whether on the road or race track. The video does explain the key differences that make each of the two cars unique. Regardless, you can never make a judgement until you drive both cars and see which one is your choice of a driver’s car as they both appeal to a different crowd.

The lighter BRZ did manage to catch up with the heavier yet more powerful Mustang but enough talking, just watch the video and see for yourself. It would be a heated argument but i find them scoring equally in different departments with the ‘stang a slight better timing due to the advantage of power.



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