Toyota 86, Arriving to the UAE, Very Soon

Yesterday, I rushed, faster than ever, to Motoring Middle East’s meet to check out the Toyota 86. Al Futtaim brought the pre-production model to the event and it truly blew us away. After years of anticipation and teases by car-makers & dealers alike; we finally get to see the car in the flesh.

No test drives were offered yet but we got a chance to witness the details that make this car a perfect candidate for us enthusiasts.

The interior is a pleasant place to be; very ergonomic, driver oriented cockpit is tidy and there was tons of quality soft-touch plastic to squeeze on. The fit and finish was under-estimated by many since the car was built on a budget. The front seats are quite supportive, getting in & out of the car is very easy and there is plenty of room for tall people, I am almost 6’2”. The down-side is that the rear seats seemed to be cramped; who cares, that trunk fits a set of 4 track-day wheels and some tools.

Opinions about the exterior were a bit mixed; personally, I did not fall in love with the aero-kit or the large spoiler but they’re optional anyways. The car’s somehow conservative design is appealing as it radiates the charisma of a Japanese sports cars from the 80s and 90s, like a Toyota Supra of some sorts.

The current car is a pre-production model, fitted with an optional body-kit, so don’t be upset about the missing tail-pipes or the large spare tire sticking above the trunk mat. There will be minor tweaks and adjustments once the final model hits the market.Though there are no news of how the entry model will be here in the UAE; we were told the car might be offered in 4 different trims.

For a first impression, the ‘GT-86’ draws a smile on the face of the average car enthusiast. It’s affordable, looks attractive, very refined and is fully stripped from all the unnecessary gizmos & gadgetry that “we don’t like seeing in a drivers’ car”. All we need to do now is to take this baby for a test drive very soon!

Also, photos of the Motoring Middle East meet will be posted here soon. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “Toyota 86, Arriving to the UAE, Very Soon

  1. damn, thats ugly kit!
    Remove that ugly body kit, give me cloth seats, and manual….. Please I want to drive not driven 😦
    with these stupid option, price will be stupidly high!

    • Luckily they are optional features & there will be a entry model being sold in the UAE and it will be a manual!

    • kalau toyota dyna ht thn 2004 bak hrgnaaya berapa.mohon penjelasannya,trima ksh.klu uang muka 35 juta.per bln berapa selama tiga thn

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  4. Wow, that is some serious spoiler on that Toyota 86. I must admit, I am a huge fan of the size. and the Orange colour looks mad up close. Everyone seems to be heading towards white, but surely Orange deserves some praise.

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