HKS Prototype Supercharger for 86/BRZ

These are some video of the prototype supercharger kit fitted to the FA20 D4-S engine of the HKS GP Toyota 86 that was unveiled earlier this year. Looks like that extra oomph that some drivers’ wish to get out of the 2.0 boxer engine is going to get sorted soon as the kit is going to be released at sometime during June/July this year as far as sources say.

How much power is expected? Well definitely anything above 50 horse-power but since its a high compression engine, with some 12:1 compression ratio; we don’t expect massive figures. Already the car can get an extra 50 bhp with proper modifications to the exhaust and intake (something Subaru will promise with STi version of the BRZ) so there is some speculation of whether forced induction is just going to be a waste of cash since the power output is restricted by the engine’s high compression ratio. Well, lets see what happens next. TRD is also working on a forced induction kit for the car as we speak.



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