Subaru BRZ with Cusco Mods

This is an in-car video of the Subaru BRZ going on on track. The BRZ boasts some impressive handling and the control is mind blowing because this model is actually fitted with a Cusco limited slip differential, ZERO 3 race suspension along with other mods.

As a matter of fact, earlier, Cusco released their parts catalog for the Subaru BRZ & Toyota 86. The verdict Porsche like handling for less money as far as the hype goes.

As far as the whole concept goes is that you can buy a cheap sports car that is forgiving to drive and handle then invest on the long run with after-market modifications that make the car a killer on track. This is will still cost less than premium cars like a Porsche Boxster S within a matter of time until HKS and/or TRD release their production forced induction kits.


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