The Chase, Ultimate Street Festival


With motor-sports slowly losing its presence & glory here in the UAE; several members and bodies in the industry decided to create a one of a kind festival that will pull frustrated enthusiasts back into the passion and assure ‘everybody’ that motoring communities & petrolheads have a significant presence in the country.

The Chase is a one of a kind event that will be taking place on the 27th of April, at the Dubai Autodrome; based on the concept of street racing festivals held in the USA & Europe .

The Chase brings together racers and car enthusiasts from all over the city, country, and region to try their hand at drag racing, slalom, hot laps, and more! Bring your own car or use one of the ones provided, race on your own or with a professional driver. And if you’re a bit too young to handle a Ferrari, no worries! You can watch thrilling RC drifters – or bring your own RC car -and have some fun with console races.

Street lifestyle brings a diverse group together, street car racers, breakdancers, underground
DJs, street artists, and more! We’re celebrating the attitude and exciting nature of ‘street’ by
calling on all these creative and fun loving people to congregate in the first festival dedicated
to them!


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