Toyota 86 Arriving to Bahrain

This teaser shot of the Toyota 86 catalog was shared from a gentleman in Bahrain. It seems the car will be arriving earlier to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Recently a batch of automatic models divided into two trims might be sold there: a standard model and a high spec model along with the optional aero package that includes the spoiler and body-kit. It seems the car will be arriving as 2 trims all over the GCC but that needs to be confirmed.

Plus, there are rumors that they are taking special orders for the car from now.

Price of the ’86’ in Bahrain is going to range between 1000-1500 Dinars (approximately 98000-147000 in AED).

Once we get more information about the situation, we will update.


2 thoughts on “Toyota 86 Arriving to Bahrain

    • There is no clear idea about what Al Futtaim is going to bring here. Even the big media and press are not being given sufficient information about the arrival of the 86 in the UAE.

      Though it will be arriving during summer and they gave us a price range of AED 100000-120000.

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