Formula Drift at Long Beach, CA

Every year the sport of drifting is growing bigger and better this year’s Formula Drift at Long Beach was no exception. Apologies for the fact its a bit late to go through the event but it sure is worth highlighting as one of the major drift events of the year. Check out the coverage by Motormavens & StanceNation. The action on long beach was intense with 1000s of spectators, a variety of drift machines that include american muscle V8 & euro cars and a host of skilled drifters.


Keep yourselves posted as the next round of Formula Drift will be held in May.

With the drift scene getting more exposure and popularity; it might make rear-wheel-drive cars more desirable among drivers as this is a great way to showcase the prowess. Looking at the last decade and how people were putting together RWD machines from the 90s it sure is a wake up call.

With regards to drifting in the region: UAE drift community are working their way from scratch while they are recently short of a huge drifting track and super skilled drivers; it still is an ambitious move from them to take the journey to promote & flourish this sport in the region attracting all kinds of drivers passionate about the sport. As a matter of fact while writing this post, we stumbled on the following Facebook Page.



One thought on “Formula Drift at Long Beach, CA

  1. Congrats Djan for the Overall Champion!!! Hope next year will be more succes bit ditspaoinsed as all Malaysian drifter was in bad luck last weekend . Hope all Malaysian drifter will improve next year Looks like Thai’s and Indonesian have too many good drifter ..

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