Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ News: The Aftermarket

The aftermarket & car customization industry have been drooling for ages over the Toyota 86. Here are more of those interesting highlights about how the aftermarket explosively reacting by releasing special kits, modifications & editions for the car (thanks to Starting with:


1. FIVE:AD by Five Axis for the Scion FRS

Name:  13_scion_frs_front_1.pngViews: 6138Size:  345.0 KB

Special package released for the Scion FRS by Five Axis. Specs can be checked out at the exclusive webiste for the Five:AD kit. A complete Aero body kit with a selection of 19″ wide rims and lowering springs for the car. Overall it looks stunning with the kit and truly stands out.

2. Tein Coil-overs for the 86, BRZ & FRS

tein brz fr-s 86

Although praised for the impressive handling characteristics, there is always room for more “thight-i-ness” around a corner & Tein released a set of Street Advance adjustable Coil-overs for the cars.


 3. TRA Kyoto X Greddy FRS Renderings

This is an exclusive from Speedhunters. These are just renderings of a project car that will be built along with Greddy


4. Tunehouse BRZ Project

Name:  tunehousebrz.jpgViews: 40672Size:  309.2 KB


Engine swaps a becoming common and this the 2nd time somebody plans to drop a Cosworth engine into the 86. Earlier on we got news of a project in which they are dropping a 2jz into the car aswell more on that later.

Back to the Cosworth project here is how story goes:

Specifications are still being finalized, but company founder Jim Ghelis envisions the model will use a 2.6-liter Cosworth crate engine with a billet crankshaft, an HKS turbocharger and a front-mounted intercooler. The car would also be equipped with a billet flywheel and an EcuTek ECU. Thanks to these modifications, the BRZ would likely have an output in excess of 335 PS (246 kW / 330 hp) – an increase of 135 PS (99 kW / 133 hp).

Besides being more powerful, the car would be outfitted with an adjustable KW coil-over suspension, Whiteline anti-roll bars and a limited-slip differential. Other goodies are slated to include a Cosworth braking system and 18-inch Advan wheels with Federal RSR tires.


5. Finally just Remind you of the Factory Variants of the Cars such as:

a.Toyota 86 TRD:

b. Subaru BRZ STI, yes there will be an STi version with some extra 50 hps:


One thought on “Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ News: The Aftermarket

  1. Regardless of how fun it is to toss around.. strhagit line performance is clearly underwhelming. I don’t see any reason the torque or hp could not have gotten a healthy bump without while keeping the same price and them sacrificing slightly less cake they will rake in from each one. Once they add power and start out around 30k, this will no longer be a semi-budget mans car and the people shopping in that price range will already have much more tempting options. They will shoot themselves in the foot for not realizing this.

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