Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ News

Huge demand, more dyno runs & excessive aftermarket support is how you can summarize the latest buzz about the new ‘Hachi-Roku’. For now we will cover the first two bits in the post, later on a compilation of aftermarket parts and special editions of the car will be posted.

1. High Demand Causes Delays in Japan

Japan so far have been the most excited market about the car. The demand in Japan went  so high to the extent that deliveries of the Subaru BRZ are pushed until January 2013. There is no news whether such delays will affect the Toyota 86 or other markets besides Japan.

2. Another Dyno-Run

A couple of months ago the Scion FR-S was taken for a dyno run, the result was the following performance figures. This time another dyno-run was done by and the numbers seem a little better than the previous run with 12% drive-train losses and an official result of: 173 whp @ 7000 RPM, 143 lb-ft @ 2800 RPM:


3. The Handling & How to Play with the 86 or BRZ:

Give the car to a good driver and they truly bring out the car’s potential. Although this guy is just playing around; he sure is managing to tackle the car in an extra-smooth-n-sexy fashion around the cones.


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