Scion FRS Custom Speedster

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Seems like lots of after-market and customizing businesses are trying to make the best out of the buzz the Toyota 86 and its siblings, the Subaru BRZ & ScionFRS, are generating for ages now.

This might not be fresh news for some of you but yes there are plans to make a convertible production version of the ”86” in the future. The production version will definitely not look like the one pictured here as this is basically a ScionFRSwith its roof chopped, built by Cartel Customs in the US, specialists in converting and messing around with mainly Scions.

The overall car is modified & styled to resemble the design of a speedster. It sure does look cool but I highly doubt we will see pillar-less windshields featured in production cars anytime soon. Notice that to some degree the whole interior panels including the dashboard have been re-crafted for a more shaved look. The gauge cluster have been shifted to the center and the whole dashboard lost many of its features. Whatever it is and whether it is drivable in all kinds of weather or not, it sure does look attractive and definitely some considerable effort have been put into it. They did actually chop the roof off the poor thing.

We got more pictures inside and some shots of it in real life, courtesy of

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