UAE Ride: 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra Project


This 1978 model now has become a long term project car. Currently the car is parked in the shade at a garage waiting until proper parts arrive for that carburrated push-rod V8 engine whose internals are as dry as dust.


The previous owner did sell the car for dirt cheap as it did require a considerable amount of work to get it back on the road in top shape; he even claimed that the car did reach 600,000 miles on that engine. The almost 34 year old body is not suffering from any serious rust and it seems like it had a history of good care. A paint job was going to take place but now the priority is to get it running.


There was an almost complete attempt to drop a fuel injected 5.0 V8 from a mid-90s Mustang but it was scrapped due to the fear of risks involved of retro fitting the car’s electrics with those of the more modern V8.

The whole interior is in decent shape, the plastics are not decaying, broken or seriously deformed, just some surface finishes are wearing off at areas.


Getting this car back to its former glory is going to take a decent amount of time and money. The parts shopping list and repair bills cannot be predicted at the mean-time as there is no certainty what kind of kind of other issues or hiccups the car might reveal after the engine is rebuilt and fired up. Regardless the owner is optimistic and looks forward for this long-term project. We just wish him the best of luck as it truly puts a smile on our faces when we see another classic being saved from rotting in the scrap yards.


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