Modified Vehicle Crackdowns Take Place After MEMTS

After a couple weeks since the Middle East Motor Tuning Show was held in Sharjah’s Expo; Gulf News have been releasing stories about police confiscating and ‘permanently’ impounding modified vehicles in Sharjah along with crackdowns on modified cars in Abu Dhabi.

In the past, reports from several local publications endlessly bombarded nothing but the idea that modifying your own personal vehicle, in anyway, is considered a sin. None of these publications really bothered to ask the right questions or provide any coherent answers regarding this pressing issue. Questions such as: What are the criteria for owning a modified vehicle? How are modifications illegal while they can be purchased legally from vendors or suppliers? What about reckless driving?

We would love if the authorities provide a clear explanation of what is allowed, what is not and how can somebody modify their vehicle within the confines of the law. Doing it responsibly should not cause any harm or disturbance on our roads. After all, street legal aftermarket modifications are built to meet emission, noise pollution and safety standards.

Clarifying the laws, regulations or permissions for vehicle modifications by authorities would be huge favour but launching a misinformation campaign to blame legally sold aftermarket modifications as a significant cause of accidents, especially after several aftermarket businesses promoted and showcased their products at MEMTS, is just aggravating.

Car enthusiasts are angered by such wild and outlandish decision of banning modified cars in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Many enthusiasts, who are part of local car communities, understand the consequences of reckless driving yet find that shifting the whole blame on modified cars absurd.

Others are upset to the fact that the whole modified cars scene might be shut-down due to a few reckless boy-racers wreaking havoc on the streets with overly modified vehicles; crossing the safety and noise pollution limits.

Several car enthusiasts believe that authorities should focus on drivers that exhibit poor driving habits, lack any regard to basic traffic laws or behave unethically on public roads as they are far more numerous on our streets compared to a minority of automotive enthusiasts with modified vehicles. Like the below genius:


One thought on “Modified Vehicle Crackdowns Take Place After MEMTS

  1. All drivers on the road can be reckless drivers! Not just the ones with “modified cars”. Also, if people do not maintain their cars constantly then these cars will also be unsafe and cause harm for the driver and other people. I agree there should be some limit (min. hp for road cars?!), but i don’t see the point of prohibiting all modified cars. Why don’t they implement some new more tough laws for reckless drivers instead of banning modified cars?! Yes, some people will argue that there are some race tracks that people can go to to “fulfill” their driving experience, well i can’t afford paying 3000 AED for 30 minutes (whatever the rate is, but i know it is expensive).
    I am a very responsible driver, i don’t speed on the road and i don’t do anything stupid with my car. But these new laws affect me because i have some modifications on my car. Why should i suffer from oter people’s mistakes?! I am very sure that anyone with a modified car will take car of his/her car, therefore they won’t abuse it!
    Thanks for bringing this topic up, i really hope that the govt. will hear our voices (innocent people who suffer from the new laws)

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