Coming Soon: Toyota 86 Rally & the Toyota 86 with a 2JZ

Looks like there is a lot of love for the Toyota 86’s platform; recently stories have been circulating about a rally build of a Toyota 86 along with a 2JZ swap for another 86 with a wide-body kit (pictured above).

Judging the sales figures posted earlier along with such a huge aftermarket and fanatical support for the car; it seems Toyota did play its cards right by filling a gap in the sports car segment that has been wide open for almost decade.

Now, lets see & hope if this will lead to a chain reaction and whether other car-makers like Nissan or Honda plan to rival this invasion. Such a battle should prove to be interesting and could catapult Japan’s car-makers right where we would love to see them. That is why we love the 86 because its not only a car, it is a statement we hope will change the face of automobile industry.

Moving on: the hachi-roku or the AE86 had a brief history in rallying and apparently such a history will be revived with this rally version of the Toyota 86, click the image to check out the teaser video:

Toyota 86 rally car



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