Engine vs. Heat

Every climate has a different wear & tear effect your car. For example, if you live nearby the beach or live in a place where it rains and snows often, corrosion and rust are not something unusual on a car’s body. Luckily rust is not much of a hassle in the GCC climate; some cars did manage to survive up to two decades without any major rust build-up on the body. As long as you keep washing your car and avoiding dirt build-up in areas like the under-body you should be fine but that’s a different story for now.

The real concern about the GCC’s climate is the scorching heat that puts massive strain on the engine and its components. Not to mention I does accelerate wear and tear on interior plastics and exterior garnish.

Just to give you an idea of how bad things can go if you carelessly drive a car that is over-heating for an extended period of time; check out this video of a 6.0 V8 engine that got fried after being driven for a prolonged period of time while over-heating. The damage was way beyond a head gasket, the whole unit is toast even the engine block is gone. The guy in the video explains the over-all process of how the engine starts failing bit by bit starting from the head gasket and so on, if you keep driving with the temperature gauge on red over a prolonged period of time.

Periodically checking the oil and coolant condition & levels for the engine should be a must; there can be also tell tale signs of a head gasket starting to fail or any other symptoms; it varies depending of the car’s age, mileage and how its driven. Keep an eye on any aging or leaking hoses aswell.

Those driving cars with aluminium or alloy blocks would want to always keep a careful eye on their coolant temperature during summer.



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