Toyota Town Ace, prepped for track.


With our world short and thirsty for any modern-affordable rear wheel drive cars this can serve as as a worse case scenario; at least the Japanese can make anything seem like a good idea when it comes to cars. Regardless, these vans are tough and solid. The chassis might be a bit off but the vehicle has an almost ‘mid-engine’ layout and plenty of tail happiness.

This Town Ace, we are familiar with the larger Hiace model in our region, is one different and special story. A set of Hayashi Wheels, Yokohama Grand Prix M7R tires (according to the source they stopped making these tires 5 years ago), sport dampers on the front, lowering blocks are fitted on the leaf springs in the back, nardi steering wheel & a harness for the driver’s seat are added to the formula and the end result is this.

The idea might not sell in the UAE as we got our share of abused Cefiros, Crowns and Cressidas to chose from.  But there is always room for experimenting with that Japanese delivery van at your workplace.


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