BBS Wheels Catalog

For those that are in love with BBS, a brand that is extremely desired among enthusiasts and wheel whores; we dedicate this thread to you.
There will always be a set of reconditioned BBS-es selling somewhere for a hefty price tag; specifically the popular BBS RS which got replicated so many times by other wheel manufacturers.
This is a selection of scanned pages we picked up from the net of several BBS catalogs showcasing the variety of models they produced from the 80s up-to the late 90s. These are actually scanned by an importer/supplier of BBS wheels.

In our days, the BBS motorsport wheels differ between  EUROPE  &  AMERICA.(click on the area to view the wheels)


A few days ago I noticed somebody arrived at my blog looking for BBS RO wheels. RO was a non characteristic BBS design, not a cross spoke, but a flat disc and to my opinion it’s sole attractive characteristic was the ease of cleaning.

In 1984 a catalog of the BBS road wheels was published including the Auto Motor und Sport test of light alloy wheels where BBS excelled. Here is this catalog, covering the top of the line forged center 3pieces modular RS wheels, the popular monobloc RA wheels and the monobloc RO wheels.

RS Wheels TUNERLIST  1991

20th Anniversary Edition White wheels

In 1990, in order to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary, BBS produced a limited series of RS, RM & RZ wheels in pearl-white color. Although they were more difficult to keep them clean, they made an impact, because at that time this color was a very exclusive one for some sporty car models.

BBS  RS wheels complete list -2000



BBS BUGATTI wheels pps  click to view brochure


BBS PININFARINA wheels pps  click to view brochure



5 thoughts on “BBS Wheels Catalog

  1. I would kill to get a set of BBS.. And some of the models featured in this catalog are quite rare, I dont think everybody knows about them.

  2. Hello,

    I’ve been reading this board for quite a long time. Recently, firefox tries to stop me from visiting – it says that this website is infected.

    Can you do something about it?

    Thanks in advance

    • I am not quite sure what the issue is. I never heard of firefox saying “it says that this website is infected”.

      Have you tried another browser?

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