The Invisible Car


This is true and its another brilliant advertising move by Mercedes Benz. The purpose is to promote their environment friendly hydrogen fuel cell car, the “F-Cell” so they made a version of the car that blends with its surroundings. Check out the Video.

The idea is pretty simple and very possible.They got the F-Cell, covered the vehicle’s body with LED sheets which project video feed from a camera on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Mercedes new F-Cell vehicle is being marketed as a car that’s “virtually invisible to the environment.” That’s because the hydrogen fuel cell electric car, which converts compressed hydrogen into electricity to drive the motor, has only one emission: water vapor.

To promote the car’s invisibility, Mercedes equipped one side of the car with sheets of LEDs that show streaming images captured by a Canon 5D Mark II camera attached to the other side of the car. The car blends into the background, making it nearly invisible.

The car should be going into production in 2014, and although “invisible” won’t be one of the color choices, its 240-mile range should still appeal to folks. – Discovery News


It wouldnt be surprising if, within a few years, this technology becomes almost fully refined as the idea is straight forward, the concept is nothing recent and the technology is easily available. We’d probably manage, in the near future, to make people, cars, homes, tanks & etc fully blend with their surroundings.



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