Tesla Woes, the Rambo Lambo & the $70000 FJ43 Land Cruiser


We pick up a couple of sizzling stories from around the net. We are entering a whole new era in the automobile world. China is becoming a major playground for car-makers, electric cars are dominating & an increasing demand & passion for classic cars (specifically Japanese). We pick, from the net, one story related to each of these three aspects of the auto-world.

1. The Tesla!


Electric cars are nothing new really, the idea and the vehicles did exist for some century now. The concept was actually considered even before the discovery of oil but oil changed everything. Now electric cars are back coupled with the increase of oil prices from around the world (no surprise).

Also businesses have pushed the envelop when it comes to electric power, like Tesla Motors did with their electric Roadster, whose defects and problems have been a center of attention. Apparently most super cars, electric or not should always be accompanied by their special set of problems. Ferraris catch fire and burn to the ground while: TTAC, tells the story of Teslas ‘bricking’ or freezing in their place due to failing battery packs:

Depleted batteries. Unauthorized GPS tracking. $40,000 service bills. Rejected warranty claims. These are just some of the talking points making the rounds of the internet regarding the alleged “bricking” of Tesla Roadsters.

The story began when Michael DeGusta, who operates The Understatement, a technology blog, reported that 5 Tesla Roadsters have “bricked” – in other words, rendered useless, after their batteries depleted completely. The repair (a brand new battery pack) costs $40,000, and if the battery isn’t replaced, the vehicle is totally immobile. The wheels won’t move, preventing the car from even being pushed.

DeGusta hasn’t named any of the owners, and refers to an unnamed Tesla service tech who relays anecdotes of tracking a dying vehicle GPS, and then dispatching Tesla staff to provide on-site assistance that would prevent “bricking”. DeGusta’s article alleges that Tesla repeatedly failed to adequately warn consumers of the dangers of allowing the battery to deplete fully, that they have been recalcitrant in  fixing the battery under warranty (due to some sly in the warranty itself) and that taking measures like GPS tracking, or using the Roadster’s internal GSM connection to warn owners of low battery levels is being done not in good faith but to protect Tesla’s brand (or, as the pre-web generation would say, reputation). While the “bricking” problem is apparently built in to the battery technology of the Roadster, Model S and Model X, certain EVs, like the Nissan Leaf, are immune from this problem.



2. The return of the Lamborghini’s LM002:


Another story we pick from Bloomberg, is about the SUV plague that is mutating the model range of premium and exotic car manufacturers. If you all remember back in the 80s up to the early 90s Lamborghini developed their own Humvee.

Well now they planning to go back into the SUV world along with Bentley.. *sigh*

Lamborghini’s ‘Surprise’

Lamborghini will have “something to show: at the Beijing auto fair, said Mastro, declining to elaborate. The Italian supercar maker discontinued the boxy LM002 SUV, the Rambo Lambo, in 1993 after a failed effort to make military vehicles.

‘‘With an SUV, there is a great chance in the emerging markets,’’ said Rolf Frech, head of engineering at Bentley, who moved from Porsche in November after 28 years. ‘‘The basis is to make Bentley a sustainable business case, which is the same as we did at Porsche,’’ which had focused on sports cars before the Cayenne.

Bentley plans to position its SUV above the top-of-line Cayenne Turbo, with a price tag of more than $140,000, Bentley chief Wolfgang Duerheimer said in January. The Crewe, England- based company is also expanding its lineup by adding a eight- cylinder engine to the Continental coupe. Bentley says the down- sized model is aimed at a younger, edgier clientele. It starts at 136,000 euros, compared with 154,600 for the existing 12- cylinder version.



3. The $70000 Toyota Land Cruiser


Now old Japanese cars have always been praised for being cheap, affordable and easy to reach for though this is an exception with its killer price tag of 70000 US dollars.

Here is the story from Japanese Nostalgic Car :

The FJ43 Toyota Land Cruiser was sold, at least in our hemisphere, in South America. TheBandeirante, as it was called by locals, split the difference between the FJ40 (90 inch) and the long-chassis FJ45 (105 inch) with a 96-inch wheelbase and is considered one of the rarest Cruisers in the US. That’s why the sale is pending at $69,700.

FJs are almost always thoroughly worked to the bone, particularly in the vast rural areas of South America. One in the advertised condition of one-owner and always kept in a climate-controlled environment is obviously a pretty amazing claim. Some sources say that FJ43s came only diesel-equipped after 1974, but according to some South American members of Land Cruiser site IH8Mud, diesel was difficult to find in rural areas and so FJs continued on with the2F petrol motor found in this 1984 example. You can see more photos of this truck at its auction listing.


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