Big Boys Toys 2012, Part: 2

More stuff from BBT 2012, while spending some 6 hours roaming around and shooting. After going through Part: 1 of our coverage, here is some more exciting footage:

Bozzies Custom Bikes from Netherlands did have some beautifully designed & detailed Motorcycles:


Lito Green Motion, state of the art electric bike have been one of the anticipated features in this exhibition. With an acceleration of 0-100km in 5 seconds and a top speed of 175 km/h.


Another electric innovation is the M55 electric bike, that can reach speeds up to 70km/h & they plan to get it up to 100km/h.


More interesting, is the BPG Werks, Shredder. What looks like a tracked scooter. It can be sorted in the trunk or bed of your car/truck with ease. Unfortunately, there are more models and variations of the Shredder still waiting at the customs to be cleared:


This was parked next to the shredder, it just looks just too controversial.


T3 Powersport, electric vehicle.


Elemment Marchi Mobile, another key attraction of the exhibition:


The inside of the Elemment RV:


Some of the accessories were really cool like these ‘Etienne LeRoy’ Swiss Sheeshas. We asked them if they provide carbon fiber sheeshas, they said we are working on figuring that out:


Novelquest Emperor Workspace for engineers & certain relevant occupations (more likely for gaming geeks):


CXC Motion II Simulator, so far the coolest racing simulator ever:


That’s some of the cool stuff you will find inside the exhibition, wait till you see the stuff we found in the parking lot, soon in Part: 3.



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