Big Boys Toys 2012, Part: 1

Big Boys Toys, in brief, is a show exhibiting some exclusive, expensive and fancy: gadgets, vehicles, electronics & other stuff you might find at Tony Stark’s residence. This year it is being held in Atlantis from February 9 to 11.

Yesterday was reserved of VIP visitors and the media. We spent sometime, covering and hearing the stories of each of the wild creations we saw there.

For a start; this, some 650 hp, beast by LRC Offroad Engineering is the first thing that caught our attention:


This pre-runner truck or ‘luxurious dune buggy’ can fulfill all your wild off-roading dreams and they were constantly playing videos about how far you can go with it.


The vehicle is a space frame chassis built from scratch and this model is fitted to seat 5 passengers with ease along with all the basic luxuries such as power windows, an Alpine sound system & air conditioning.


Moving on to the Nissan GTR VVIP edition which comes with a bespoke interior, custom exhaust and a real gold front grille & badges.


Chopper Kulture were showcasing one of their awesome creations:


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