More Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ News!

We got you a nice bundle of news about the Toyota 86 and the Subaru BRZ starting with:

1. A Video of the Akio Toyoda taking the Toyota 86 for Some Filthy Drifting in Dirt, Mud & Snow:

I dont know whats the message out of it but we approve. Click on this image below to access the video (thanks to Toolz):


2. CAN Bus:

Toyota & Subaru are really taking the right steps in the Development of the 86 & BRZ: affordable and accessible sports cars for the avg person.

Now tuning the car is taking a whole new level with the introduction of the “CAN Bus” by Nikkei, according to

Bluetooth/USB systems being developed for user interfacing of data in 30+ parameters, including engine ECU data, Geo location data, yaw and g-force sensors, and chassis sensors. It will be open sourced for licensed and registered software developers and make it’s way to smartphone applications for social interconnections, as well as more specific uses such as tuner development, black-box loggers, and even gaming devices interfacing such as GT5 for replay and simulations. 

This is basically something I wanted to leak long ago, but have been keeping my mouth shut from our meetings with the Chief, and now I’d like to say that it has been in development for quite a while now, and that it will be a reality, and a reasonably ready state for consumer use.

At least for unregulated states and countries, and on raceways, we might see a future in more readily customizable ECU’s as well as development with much greater information parameters from our cars, not just in the FT86 siblings but for many of the future sports cars? I would love to believe so…

What do you think about lifestyle in which we share ECU parameters on the web? and racing our virtual data of actual driving and putting them against each other on GT5? or even testing new engine and chassis parameters on such devices?? World is limitless when it comes to digital integration of cars to modern networked computing. 

Perhaps this is one of the very necessary ingredient and by-product of future autonomous cars, but it’s exciting to think that such technology will also make possible, more ways to enjoy sports cars and automobile customization in a whole new way as well. 

Lastly, President of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, also thinks so as well, and takes part, first hand, in development of devices like this, as well as classic art of tuning the cars the old fashioned way, by taking it for a blast on race tracks all over the world.

3. Subaru BRZ STi JDM Brochure is Leaked

Click on the image below to download the brochure in .pdf format. (Thanks to


4. Top Gear Magazine Review of the 86

They loved the car and they extremly praised it for its great potential and ability but the price-tag in the UK feels a bit off and we fear it will arrive at such insane price locally.

Full Top Gear review is here & for further proof: Toyota announced the official prices of the 86 in the UK.

Earlier, it was mentioned that the entry model of the Toyota 86 will be priced for some $ 25000 in Japan. We just look forward to see how the 86 & BRZ will be priced here.


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