The Million Km Porsche

Excellence is one of the finest Porsche magazines out there and its hard not to share the following story from their latest issue.

Usually classic cars fascinate many people; seeing a vehicle that is more than 2 decades old being brought back into top shape. Seeing one in the flesh (or metal, in the case of cars) is more like looking at a time capsule showing the design, desire, technology & trends that went behind the development of the automobile at that era.

But what would be more captivating is the story that revolves around the life of every specific classic we look at. While some of the expensive ones are retired as show cars. There are some few that are being preserved and retro-fitted to be driven on a daily basis which is the sole & expected purpose of an automobile regardless.

This is the story of a unique 1976 Porsche 930 that was a major part of its owner’s life; starting from the day he picked it up from the showroom until more than three decades of ownership. This 930 was taken through an adventure of countless maintenance, upgrades, modifications, overhauls, retro-fits and lots of driving. Here is a little excerpt from the Full Article:

His was the first 930 ordered into Cana­da, in the fall of 1975. Pfaff initially tried to talk him out of the $35,000 purchase. “He basically said, ‘Bill, are you crazy? I have a 911S in the showroom right now, this is what you should be buying. Turbo­charging is new, it’s unproven…’” But Bill’s sights were firmly set on the 3.0-liter, 234-hp Turbo Carrera, the most muscular road-going Porsche ever. His second Porsche, a 1973 911T with a fuel-injected 2.4-liter six had disappointed him by not being faster than his first, a 1969 911T purchased in 1970.



Such a car should function far better than any of the show-cars as it is on the move all the time. Parking a car for so long does have its own set of different problems but this is a different story for now.

A Porsche is a stunning engineering masterpiece that really combined the best of a race car & the practicality of an everyday car; this does require a challenge to build a quite solid but finely tuned car and this ’76 Porsche is a perfect proof.



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