NICHIOH MARU: Nissan’s New Car Carrier

Nissan, Japan’s 2nd carmaker, just got their 2012 car carrier ready. It holds 1380 cars & its ‘green’. The first ship to use 281 solar panels to reduce its energy consumption along with being equipped with full LED lighting, foam fire extinguishing systems (instead of carbon dioxide) & the latest low friction paints on its hull.

All of this supposedly reduces 20% of energy consumption along with making it more environment friendly than the other ships. This goes hand in hand with Nissan’s release of their electric car the LEAF.

This ship is powered by an 18,000 horse-power diesel engine, produced by MAN. Most of the story was sourced from The Truth About Cars, here’s what they had to say:

For the nautical gearheads, the engine is an MAN B&W 8S50ME-C8. That is an eight cylinder, super long stroke, 50 centimeter piston, M-program, electronically controlled, “compact” engine, Mark 8. Glad you asked.


The top of the ship is covered with solar power panels, the first time on a coastal ship in Japan, my handlers say. The solar panels create a hefty 50 kW of power, some of it stored in a battery for when the sun don’t shine.


That ship is so green that the fire extinguishing system is foam type, and not CO2. Even when in flames, that ship won’t emit unnecessary CO2.

Here is some more specs for those ‘boat & sea enthusiasts’, these where picked up from a Japanese Sea Spotting blog :

MMSI: 431003232
IMO: 9609184
Callsign: JD3267
Type: Vehicle Carrier
Size: 170m X 26m
Flag: Japan
Built: 2011
Yard: Shin Kurushima Dockyard CO.,LTD.








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