Etisalat's F1x3

One of the good things about living or working around the Motor City is that any track activity can be heard from a distance so in-case you are not sure if you are missing something you will be hearing it. Though its not sure how some of the residents of Motor City feel about it.

There was noise today, a high-revving croaky-roar noise coming out of autodrome; nothing like the usual.

Went there for a quick peek to find out that Etisalat got their 3 seat 2GP race car back as a promotional event  for their 100mbps internet connection.

A hand picked group of people won the experience of riding in a car that goes 0-100 km/h in some 2 seconds. The engine generates 750 Horse-powers at some 14500 rpms. It definitely is a worthy experience of g-forces while accelerating and cornering.

There was a couple of F1x3s over there and some dozen of handpicked people dressed up with Grey & Green Etisalat dressed in racing overalls waiting for their own turn to be taken for a spin in the F1x3.

Some more detailed photos from one of the guys that got a chance to ride in the F1x3:

Check out the carbon brakes:



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