UAE RIDE: 1994 Toyota Supra TT, Completely Stock

The Toyota Supra is one of those popular cars in the tuning world with hundreds bought for their solid 2JZ engine and modified in so many stunning & even horrible ways. Sometimes you forget how a stock one actually looks like and it is a great car in stock shape already.


Well here is a rare sight of a 1994 Supra TT with a Targa Top; imported from the USA and now its sitting in the UAE. The car is in top shape due to the fact ‘lots of money’ was spent in ‘preserving’ the car rather than ‘modifying’ it. We picked some photos directly from the present owner and we tell some of the story here.

The Supra was another of those auto wonders from Japan, at the time; fighting a war with other superb rivals like the Mazda RX-7 & Honda NSX, cars that were ahead of their time. The mid-80s and the 90s were an era of automotive superiority for the Japanese.

The drive-train is a 2JZ with Twin Turbos mated to a 6 speed Getrag Transmission, the drive-train was rated at some 500hps. The whole car weighed some 1550kgs with a 53:47 weight ratio, it is a very capable sports car.

Apparently this 1994 Supra meant a lot for the previous owner and it can be considered as a modern classic. The paint is still original, it was a weekend car and it never saw a race as far as we were told. The current owner claims it is one of the best production cars out there & does 400 miles on a full tank if driven gently.


You gotta love the driver oriented interior, 90s was an era of organic styled dashboards & rubbery plastics:

Although they are chrome, they really look fine:

Targa Top nicely stored in the trunk:

The owner is selling the car with no rush and already posted an ad on the Evolve Motor Club forums. Here is the link for the ad.

As a final thought, FYI, if you want to save the environment don’t buy a new car rather maintain, restore and keep these beautiful/timeless machines. Their emissions don’t differ much from today’s newer cars; they consume less energy & resources to keep them on the road. Not to mention, more legendary especially that this past decade marked the end of such golden era in Japanese performance cars.


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