Restored 1971 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT

Its just beautiful to see an icon car being restored back into life. It is actually relieving to see that the demand and appreciation for classic/vintage cars is on the rise. Never in time have such passions and businesses prospered at such size and rate.

For some car enthusiasts, modern cars are just too calm, complex and dull. They don’t do the trick, especially with all the latest additions and gadgetry such as; electro power-steering systems, electrical throttles, smart gearboxes and many other refinements, and aid that interfere with the overall pure experience of driving dearly missed in today’s cars.

Besides, seeing all the time, effort & passion that goes into bringing a car back to life is one good reason to fall in love with examples like this 1971 Nissan Skyline GT aka ‘Hakosuka’ from JDM Legends. JDM Legends is a vintage Japanese car restoration business in the US with attention to the finest details and quality.

Rebuilding some 40 year old car, is truly an achievement to be proud of and definitely takes twice as much space in the garage. Here is some of the progress:

Full attention to details:

Reconditioning those beautiful Advan wheels:

Exhaust install:


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