Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Japan Pre-order Figures Revealed

Toyota is proving that you don’t need a fast, record breaking sports car to captivate the hearts and wallets of enthusiasts. The 86 & the BRZ, in the eyes of the average person, are probably the dullest sports cars in the market with nothing new and interesting when it comes to specs or gadgetry. Even Toyota’s Advertising Department complained about not finding anything interesting enough to promote this product.

For enthusiasts the beauty of the 86 is skin deep as many have been longing for such an affordable & basic driver’s car. The 86/BRZ paves a way of endless possibilities for those enthusiasts. One of the success factors Toyota is relying on.

I just picked up some sizzling content & news about the Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ from

Starting with this inspirational quote from Toyota’s Marketing Directors (looks like somebody had some serious talk with those guys):

Just in case you don’t know Japanese:

“The 86 is a road. You could have chosen a Hybrid, or a Luxury Sedan. But, you chose the road of the 86 and about to embark on a journey.

Not just to drive your life, but to challenge your way through.
To choose not a quiet solidarity in a cabin, but one filled with orchestra of engine noises to entice your senses.

Even if you have arrived, to feel you must continue the challenge and keep driving.

To choose a life, a road where you are possessed by so much passion, that you spend your days off, pouring your soul into the life.

If you choose so as I will, then we shall meet at the end of this road.

I wonder where your passion will take the 86.
The pleasure starts, now…

TOYOTA – Drive Your Dreams”


Here is the serious stuff:

1. Some sources have contacted Subaru of Japan & Toyota of Japan to get already the following pre-order figures: 5000 orders for the Subaru BRZ & 8000 orders for the Toyota 86. These are pretty large figures for and the car is still not released yet; Toyota truly knew how to market this car.


2. Another Brochure Leak for the Japanese Subaru BRZ. It seems the BRZ will be have 3 models in Japan: the S, R & RA. Apparently RA is the race package stripped out from all the extra luxuries.


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