More from the 2012 TAS, lots of 86s & lots of drifting

This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon was really different with the presence of the New Toyota 86. Lots of aftermarket brands were proud to showcase their versions of the car besides witnessing the new 86 drifting side to side with its predecessor the Toyota AE86.

Oh, & also the Lexus LFA convertible showed up as a surprise car during the event! Check out the photos & videos directly from Japan:

Check out some of the Video Footage! of the Toyota 86 & the AE86 drifting. Plus here’s some more videos: video1 video2 & another video!


One thought on “More from the 2012 TAS, lots of 86s & lots of drifting

  1. Toyota has two of the greatest tietls in the automobile industry. The greatest car ever – Corolla and the greatest sport car ever – LFA (ok…there’s a car named GTR.. i didn’t forget, but many say LFA is even more dope than that legend). These are unofficial tietls given by the millions who experience these cars not by biased paid-up corporate media shows, glossies or websites. Thats in one company alone, leave alone country. Do we need to go back the unintended acceleration sabotage on Toyota by some American mechanics roped in by our pathetic govt. Shows that cars need substance not words. Cars don’t run on reviews.

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